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5 Best Fall Driving Tips

Driving Tips


5 Best Fall Driving Tips



Gorgeous foliage, crisp cool air, football games. What’s not to love about fall? Even though you have already been shopping the best indoor and outdoor car covers to keep your ride free from dirt, dust and debris associated with cold weather, you should also review these five fall driving tips before your Thanksgiving road trip.

Steer Clear of Wet Leaves

You know that icy, wet roads are dangerous, but you probably don’t think of damp leaves as a hazard. When foliage accumulates on the road, however, it can become quite slippery. If you can’t avoid a pile of leaves, slow down and proceed slowly. If you start to skid, steer into it rather than slamming on the brakes, which can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Bridges are especially dangerous this time of year since frost can lead to wet leaves and frozen roadways even when it’s not visible to drivers.
Steer Clear of Wet Leaves

Watch for Deer

Deer breed during autumn, so you’re likely to see more of them this time of year. This tip is especially important for those who frequently travel around dawn and dusk when deer are frequently spotted and may dart into the road. Travel slowly at night and near wooded areas. Leave significant following distance from the car ahead of you so you won’t hit them if they need to stop suddenly for a deer in the road. If another driver is following too closely behind, let him or her pass you. If you see one deer cross, pull over and wait a few minutes before proceeding. They usually travel in packs, which means several more deer are likely to close behind. If you do hit a deer, custom made car bras can help conceal the damage to your vehicle.

Be Aware of Back to School Traffic

September means more buses, more cars and more pedestrians, especially children who may dart into the road without looking. When travelling during rush hour, be aware of walkers that may unexpectedly enter your path. Make sure you know the traffic rules in your state for school buses. Stop the required distance behind a bus that is letting passengers on and off, and never pass a bus that is loading or unloading children.

Check Your Tires

Check Your Tires
If you haven’t changed your tires lately, analyze the tread before the cold weather arrives. When the tread is too low, you’ll need to replace your tires so they provide sufficient traction on wet, icy surfaces and slick leaves. Inflate your tires regularly to the recommended pressure, which helps prevent a blowout and improves the performance of your vehicle in less than ideal road or weather conditions.

Shield Eyes from Sun Glare

When autumn falls, the sun’s rays are more intense during your morning and evening commute. Keep sunglasses in your vehicle so you can maintain visibility even when it’s shining directly into your eyes. Keeping your windshield clean will also improve your ability to see when glare is present.

Now that you know how to drive safely during fall, you should also keep your vehicle looking its best. Consider custom fit seat covers for an improved appearance and exceptional comfort.

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