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7 Ways a Plastic Surgery may Go Wrong




There are innumerable reasons individuals decide on to getting plastic or cosmetic surgery. At times it shoots from narcissism, At times the intention is to cover up scars or disorders that make an individual insecure or topic of ridicule, and at times it is aimed at treating conditions related to one’s health.

Regardless of the reason for getting plastic surgery, you must know that surgeries involve risks. You must evaluate these wisely before reaching a decision.

Here is a list of some ways plastic surgery may go wrong:

  1. A Feeling of Dissatisfaction

In most cases, patients may not just like the result. This feeling of dissatisfaction can be there for one’s entire lifetime. This is more dangerous than anything else. The risk is more when people decide on getting the surgery purely for vanity purposes. There is a real risk of the result not being aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, individuals tend to give into the decision of having surgery just to combat shallow insecurities. However, the insecurities continue to exist even after the surgery. Sometimes patients start focusing on perfecting a different part of the body. So when choosing plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, make sure it isn’t an attempt to solve a body image concern. Such issues are better handled through intensive therapy or professional counselling.

  1. Serious Physical Reactions to Operation

Just as with any surgery or medical procedure, plastic surgery also carries the risk of having a serious physical reaction to the procedure. For instance, patients can suffer from blood collecting under the skin, certain infections, damage of body parts or organs near the operation site, etc.

  1. Danger of Anesthesia

This is known to be the biggest danger on its own for a surgery. The moment an individual is put completely under anaesthesia, he or she is under significant risk. Make sure you discuss this with your surgeon beforehand and about the type of surgery best suited for your procedure.

  1. Infections

Risk of infections is a common danger for a surgical procedure. Plastic surgery is no exception. Most of the cases occur due to hyper-diligence of a patient in keeping a wound clean. Furthermore, infections can be fatal. Hence, it is important to choose only an experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgery Miami specialist. This will help you to avoid risk.

  1. Scarring

The major goal of plastic surgery is to enhance an individual’s appearance. However, in some cases, scarring resulting from surgery may be more prominent. Scarring may occur in some cases of hypertrophic scarring and breast augmentations. Under such conditions, a scar may get thicker and red. Many even complain that it is raised up instead of flushing with the skin.

  1. Ruptured, Curved and Cracked Implants

Although the FDA may have declared that silicone breast implants are 100% safe, it is revealed that 1 in 5 women will need to get them removed. Another solution is adjusting implants surgically. Replacement in 10 years may also be necessary. Most surgeons recommended that women with silicone implants should get them checked at least once in 2 years.

  1. Capsular Contraction

This is one of the most common side effects for those who get implants. It is a condition characterized by hardening of a specific region around an implant. This may lead to pain and discomfort. Women may face distortions or asymmetries in appearance.

If you have been harmed as a result of plastic surgery, you may be able to seek legal remedies. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away to find out if you have a case.



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