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Sleep Decor – 7 Bedroom Design Tips That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep Decor – 7 Bedroom Design Tips That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality


Sleep Decor – 7 Bedroom Design Tips That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality



Your bedroom is your sanctuary of sleep. A well-designed bedroom shouldn’t be just great to look at; it must also induce sound sleep. Several decorative decisions influence your sleep quality. Great room décor is essential in providing an excellent environment for adequate sleep. If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleeping habits and still have fun revamping your room, you may want to read on.


Don’t you just hate it when it gets so hot at night you can’t sleep? Well, so do the rest of us. In fact, the optimum temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a complementary fan will help maintain cool temperatures in your room while introducing further dimension in your room’s design. Not a fan of fans? There are other options like a portable heater or appropriate window treatments. With the right window treatment, you can let the breeze in, while keeping the lights out. They are a cheaper way to regulate your light and heat flow and still add some spunk to your decor.

A good mattress is vital

Sleep Decor – 7 Bedroom Design Tips That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality
The pursuit of good quality sleep starts with a good quality mattress. An old lumpy hard one just won’t do. If necessary, you may have to shop for a better quality mattress that addresses your sleep requirements. So what is a good mattress? Well, that depends on your needs and preferences. When shopping for one, you must research your sleeping habits and correlate those with the options available. This way, you can pinpoint the exact type of mattress designed to match your sleeping positions and alleviate habits such as snoring. That is the real power of a good mattress. Finding one might be a tedious task, but the benefits of the right choice are endless. Companies such as verlo offer you a variety of quality mattresses tailored to cater to a majority of sleeping needs.

Design tip: figure out what size of mattress you need. You might find the perfect mattress, and the on delivery day, discover that it is too small or too large for your bed frame. Make sure to check the sizes while you shop to avoid this embarrassing mishap.

Throw in a pillow

Adding a pillow or two or ten is not only great for decorating your bed but also for supporting you while you sleep. Many sleeping positions call for an additional pillow here or there to give that extra support and mitigate any effects that come with that particular position. There are a variety of pillow types and designs that are suited for bedroom décor and sleep enhancement. A good pillow can reduce habits such as snoring and elevate your sleeping experience.

Order in the bedroom

Bedroom Design Tips
Disorderly bedrooms have the potential to trigger anxiety in many people. All the junk and clutter might also distract you while you try to sleep and end up affecting your sleep quality. The only way to solve this is by maintaining a clutter-free space. If you do not already have one, you may have to install a storage system that will help you keep a clutter-free space. If your room cannot accommodate a large storage unit, you can get a bed frame cleverly fitted with storage spaces. The additional drawers are not only great for an orderly room but also give your bed a fresh, modern interpretation of a functional bed frame.

Good bedding

One of the initial things people notice about your bedroom is your bedding. Choosing the right bedding is great for decorative purposes but essential for health. From the type of fabric to the style of cut, you must be meticulous about every aspect of your beddings. Choose beddings that suit your mattress choice and address your sleeping requirements without contradicting all your other design choices. This is where the balancing act comes in. Because many people decorate using a theme, you may want to shop for beddings that are meant to deliver a particular aspect of sleep while still looking bomb.

Design tip: avoid any tacky fabrics or colours that may take away from other elements in the room. If you’re new to interior decoration or don’t know what to select, classics are appropriate for every style or design.


Our bodies are designed to adhere to a circadian rhythm that is influenced by dark and light cycles. That is why an overly bright room will affect your sleep. You may want to invest in lights that have a dimming option and drapes that effectively keep out light. A dark space effectively brings on sleep. Like most of you, I have the habit of carrying my phone or laptop to bed. There’s nothing wrong with replying to some emails or catching up on some Netflix right before bed is there? Yes, there is! In fact, these light-emitting devices are responsible for interrupting our Rapid Eye Movement stage in the sleep cycle. If you must have them in your room, you can install a decorative nightstand to store away your gadgets at night. Additionally, you may invest in a traditional open-face alarm clock that will replace your phone’s alarm function. These come in various designs that can add depth and charm to your bedroom space. Traditional all-wood drawers, for example, add on a rustic element. If you have a TV installed in your bedroom, an armoire would be a nice touch.

Sleepy colour

Sleepy colour
If necessary, you may have to switch up the colours in your bedroom. Make sure the colour scheme matches the furniture style and compliments other aspects of your bedroom décor. Importantly, stay away from fluorescent or neon colours that may draw attention and interfere with your sleep.

Design tip: if you cannot afford to paint the walls, you can install the wallpaper and paint over it. This will save you from forgoing the deposit because you went against some rules in your lease; plus you get the colour bedroom you wanted.

Final word

These methods are simple yet effective in improving your sleeping habits. You may notice that in this sleep inviting environment, you fall asleep faster and achieve an uninterrupted sleep cycle. The fact that you get to sleep in style is an additional bonus. It may take you a while to complete this decorative sleep haven, but it is definitely worth your while.


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