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Top 3 Mods for Polaris Trail Boss

Polaris Trail Boss


Top 3 Mods for Polaris Trail Boss



Keep your Polaris Trail Boss riding hard with these top three aftermarket mods. Whether you need a quick fix or improved performance, shop for aftermarket parts for Polaris Trail Boss today. These mods help you conquer rocky hills, bomb through mud pits and cruise confidently down trails.

Improved Traction

If you’ve been running your Trail Boss over all types of terrain, it may be time for new tires. Check your tires for signs of balding or uneven wear. Just like your vehicle, your ATV needs quality tires to keep you safe and allow you to navigate hairpin turns and areas of low traction.

Look for aftermarket tires designed for your specific type of ride. Whether you’re cruising across snow-covered trails or navigating steep sand dunes, there’s a tire designed for you. Improving your traction will not only give you more handling, it’ll also make for a safer ride.
Improved Traction
Consider purchasing a few sets of tires to enjoy specialized riding wherever you go. Winter tires are too aggressive for trail running, but low traction summer tires aren’t going to keep you safe on icy hills. Purchase two or more sets of tires to ensure you always have the right traction for the ride.

Increased Airflow

If you’re ready to race, you need to consider the airflow of your Trail Boss. Airflow comes into play in two ways: aerodynamics and air intake. An aerodynamic ride offers you improved speed, increased fuel efficiency and a more comfortable cruise. Look for aftermarket fenders and the latest cruiser riding gear and accessories to improve your aerodynamics on your ATV. All this awesome gear will also give you increased protection if you take a tumble on your Trail Boss.

Next, a premium aftermarket air filter will improve the horsepower and efficiency of your engine. Increased airflow allows your engine to receive the pure air it needs. Clear even the smallest debris from your intake to protect your engine and keep your ATV powering forward.

Upgraded Stopping Power

All that horsepower and traction needs some serious stopping power. Look for new brake pads to improve your Trail Boss brake system. If your old pads are worn out, or if you’re just ready for improved performance, premium brakes are the way to go. Look for race-ready performance with brakes that can perform hot or cold stops. Choose brake pads that are designed to bleed heat and rapidly cool for sustained performance.
Upgraded Stopping Power
Even the most expensive brakes wear out. Be sure to routinely inspect your brakes and look for replacement pads when they start to grind or take longer to stop. Inefficient brakes can be dangerous when you’re cruising at high speeds, so you need the reliable stopping performance of new brake pads.

These are just a few mods you can use to improve the performance of your Trail Boss. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your classic, heavy-duty ATV, check out these mods. Shop online to get great deals and have access to a wide range of parts and gear. From street motorcycle riding gear to the latest aftermarket ATV accessories, you’ll find it all online.

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